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Late Victorian American Aesthetic Patent Extending Dining Table. Pleukharps Patent. Ca 1871.

This is a most spectacular extending dining table dating from the period around 1871. Of characteristically Aesthetic or Eastlake style, the table has a four pillared central column which divides to reveal a central leg which supports the table when fully extended. The central column is surmounted with four canted legs of a form not dissimilar to the work of Dresser or Moyr Smith. The table has four leaves, each approx 10.75" wide.

This table is marked to one sliding support with a dated patent for Pleukharp. This patent is recorded at the United States Patent office as shown below. There is no known manufacture of the patent at the patent office hence this table is possibly a rather important piece of American Patent history.

Click HERE to see the patent information

In its unextended state the table has a circular form and when part extended it can hold the extra leaves under the tabletop. 
The dining table has a height of approx 28" and a width of approx 39.5". 
As a circular table with no leaves, it has a length of approx 39".
Length with 1 leaf is approx 50"
Length with 2 leaves is approx 60.5"
Length with 3 leaves is approx 71.25"
Length with 4 leaves is approx " 82.25" 

(The leaves are numbered. When the table is extended to hold one leaf, the other three leaves were designed to be stored under the table top although it actually stores 2 as the fit is too snug for the third)
The table and leaves are in good, original, unrestored condition with light wear commensurate with age. The leaves show some shading  and are not perfectly flat, with minor shaping, as to be expected. See pics for detail of condition- the table really is in good condition and we mention the minor flaws in order to give an honest description.
The table really is a beauty.

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