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There is probably no better place to find what you are looking for than eBay, with millions of items ready to be searched, researched and purchased.

We have been selling on eBay since 1998 and find the safeguards for the buyer second to none. Why risk sending money to an unknown seller, with no indication of true identity, location and reliability when you can clearly see how trustworthy a seller or the description of an item is.

Our items are offered as auction items, where a fair price for the item is determined by the bidders.
We also offer a large number of items at a fixed price  which  allow an instant purchase, or, for those buyers who would like to pay less, an opportunity to make a reasonable offer. We always consider offers, and our decision to accept is generally based upon the asking price, the location of the buyer where a delivery is required, and on how rare or valuable the item is.

Our eBay listings provide extensive descriptions and a profusion of detailed, close up photographs to complement condition reports and to allow a very good idea of how the item looks in the flesh.

To see the items we have on eBay just click one of the the eBay buttons below to go straight to our listings.

We sell using three eBay accounts, each designed to sell a different variety of items, for example our Missmollysgoodgollys account sells items of furniture for which we cannot offer personal delivery as the items are either of lower value making personal delivery uneconomical, or are too awkward for us to deliver on our own and for which courier collection would be required. Acme-inc was our first account, started in 1998 on eBay USA as eBay UK had not yet started. Bluevangirl is our longstanding UK account. Each of these offer a wide variety of items of interest.

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