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Very Rare 1930s MR10 Chair by
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

This is a rare, very early example of Mies van Der Rohe's MR10 cantilevered side chair or Freischwinger. The chair has significant distinguishing features that can be seen in the photographs as follows.

. A fully welded structure, the curved cross member under the seat being welded in place and not screwed in.

. A completely seamless, continuous, tubular frame with no visible joins to the tubular steel at all.

. Steel backing strips which hold the leather to the rear of the frame by screwing into to steel strips welded to   the frame itself, rather than into the tubular uprights.

. Small hooks welded to the underside of the seat rails at the front, designed to prevent the leather seat   sliding downwards over the curved leg fronts.

. The frame tapering slightly towards the rear, being widest (49cm) at the mid point of the front curved legs   tapering to 47.5 at the rear of the seat, to a minimum width of 45 at the top of the chair.


These features are, each on their own, unusual and rare if not unique, and when combined in the single chair, lead us to believe that this is a very early example, perhaps some form of prototype and certainly of careful, costly manufacture by hand. The frame is however chrome plated rather than nickel plated, suggesting to us a time of manufacture two or three years after the very first chairs produced by Metallgewerbe Joseph Müller. Bamberg Metallwerkstätten, we believe, did produce chairs with chrome plating around this time. We are also aware that Bigler, Spichiger und Cie. AG (Bigla) produced Mies chairs at this time. We would date this chair to Ca. We cannot make a firm attribution to the manufacturer as we have not seen another example with the features present here and have not been able to access original design records. There is no makers label present as is to be expected with such an early production. 


This is an original, early chair with replacement leather, which has been carefully chosen as it has an aged look to the white surface. This chair was one of a pair, the first, now sold had the original letather, this one had no leather present at all.  It is in good used condition with no repairs or damage and with only the leather having been replaced

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